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#stoptheseizures coverage

Group Continues to Push Lawmakers on Medical Cannabis - WKCCI 8 Iowa

Family Campaigns for Medical Marijuana - Fox 13 Memphis

Mid-South Family in National Campaign to Legalize Medical Marijuana Trial - Fox 13 Memphis

Moms Take #stoptheseizures Medical Cannabis Appeal to Michelle Obama - CNN ireport

New VA Cannabis Law Creates Legal Challenge - WUSA9 Virginia

#stoptheseizures and a Grandmother's Grief on Losing Her Grandchild to Cannabis Prohibition - Ladybud

Growing Hope - Dateline NBC

The Fight for Medical Marijuana for Epileptic Children - NBC Nightly News

Dateline Profiles Pot Legalization Debate - MSNBC, Morning Joe

How Far Would You Go to Save Your Child? - Good Housekeeping

High Science: Cannabis for Kids - National Geographic

Bureaucratic Barriers to Medical Marijuana Research Are Crumbing - Forbes

Rolling Stone Magazine

Meet Some of the Kids at the Center of the Medical Marijuana Debate - Huffington Post

Va. General Assembly Considers Medical Marijuana Bill for Children with Epilepsy - The Washington Post

Senators Pitch Medical Marijuana Bill in States that Allow It - Reason Magazine

Senator Rand Paul Co-Sponsors Medical Marijuana Bill - WDRB Louisville

Sens Paul, Booker, & Gillibrand Announce CARERS Act - Rand Paul's Senate site

Medial Marijuana Legislation Gets a Boost on Capital Hill - ABC 7 Virginia

Lucy: A Story of Epilepsy and Medical Marijuana - The Atlantic

New Virginia Cannabis Oil Law Creates Legal Challenges - WUSA-9

Federal Government Standing in the Way of Medical Marijuana in South Carolina - WCSC Live

Despite New Law Allowing it, SC Families Can't Get Cannabis Oil - WLTX 19

Special Needs Parent Group Wants Feds to Reschedule Cannabis - CNN ireport

Federal Regulation Stalling Medical Research into Cannabis Oil - WDRB Louisville

The Lexington Herald Leader, Letter to the Editor, July 13, 2014

Fairfax, Frederick Moms Lobby Feds for Medical Marijuana for Kids with Epilepsy -
The Washington Post

It's Been a Blessing - The Marietta Daily Journal

Fredrick Mother Helps Wage Letter Campaign on Medical Marijuana
The Frederick News Post

Parents Seek Medical Marijuana for Sick Children - Fox 45 Baltimore

Iowa Mothers Urge Federal Marijuana Reclassification - WHOtv 13 Iowa

Medical Marijuana Regulations Would Scare Off Physicians, Letter to the Editor, August 5th 2014
Baltimore Sun

Medical Marijuana Fight Hits Virginia (also covers Rescheduling) -  WHSV 3 Virginia

Iowa Parents Call on Senator Harkin to Legalize Cannabis Oil - Nextar Broadcasting

After Lobbying for Carly's Law, Madison Woman Takes Marijuana Oil Battle to Congress - al.com (Alabama)

U.S. Representative John Yarmuth Co-Sponsors Bill to Decriminalize Cannabis Oil - WDRB Louisville, Kentucky

Mom Fighting for Medical Marijuana Reform Speaks Out - Jennie Stormes on the Dr. Drew Show

Parents Advocate for Kids at Medical Marijuana Panel -   The Breeze

Press Calling Marijuana Pot Very Unprofessional, Inappropriate - The Press - Illinois
(Janet Shultz Borton, grandma of pediatric medical cannabis patient, speaks out)

Mom to Travel to D.C. to Continue the Fight for Cannabis Oil -  KTVB Idaho

Republicans Rally to Legalize Low THC Cannabis Everywhere - U.S. New and World Report

Thousands of Families Demand Low THC Cannabis Oil for their Critically Ill Kids - The Huffington Post


Mom: More Parents Will Go on the Black Market to Find this Medicine
The Cannabist, May, 28th, 2014

Why Changing Cannabis's Schedule 1 Status Matters: A Conversation with Maria LaFrance
Parents for Medical Cannabis - Kentucky

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